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About Barbara Coulson


"Before beginning work with Barb and the Alexander Technique, I carried a huge amount of stress in my body. My lowerback and shoulders, and particularly my neck, felt tense and painful all the time. I had tried a chiropractor, yoga, physical therapy--nothing worked. The miracle of Alexander Technique--and why it is so much more effective than absolutely anything else--is that it is about not doing rather than doing, about teaching your body to let go of stress and tension, to rebalance itself. The wisdom of the technique is the understanding that your body is not made to be in pain; it understands, instinctively, how to heal itself. You just have to learn how to get out of its way. Learning to do so is the hardest thing I have ever done, and it has changed my life. For the first time in years, I don't walk around in pain all day; sitting at a desk is not excruciating. I feel so blessed to have found Barb. She is truly, and simply, a master. "

--Jesse Ladomirak, Attorney


"I have suffered from sports-related lower-back pain for years. Through working with Barb and Alexander Technique, I have learned to allow my body to set in its natural position. This has alleviated the stress that I had habitually pushed on muscles and thoroughly reduced my pain. Personally, working with Barb is a joy. She is so kind, warm and dedicated. I eagerly look forward to my session every week!"

--Ben Ladomirak, Owner, Building Restoration Company


"I cannot begin to tell you what Barbara Coulson and the Alexander Technique have done for me. I suffer from fibromyalgia, the worst symptom is my case being chronic jaw pain. It was my physical therapist who first suggested that I try something like the Alexander Technique for pain alleviation. In my earliest sessions with Barbara I literally could not stand even the lightest touch. Barbara's work with me over the last year has rid me of much of the pain that once ruled my life. Our sessions have a continued and marked effect on my sense of well-being."

--Cathy Barber, Poet

"With the assistance of Barbara as my Alexander Technique teacher, I have grown to have a better understanding of my body and how it works. I have had problems with arthritis for years, and this is the first thing that I have tried that has a lasting effect. I feel as though I am retraining my body to walk, sit and 'be' differently."

--Tricia Smith, Grant Writer, Events Coordinator

"Thank you for your artistry of body and soul!"

--Marguerite Fletcher, Artist & Teacher

I was on an 8 hour hike yesterday and kept reminding myself to allow my shoulder blades to slide down over my ribs, back long and wide, etc, etc, etc....What a difference it made in my enjoyment of the hike! Still love learning about the "feet fingers" the most.
...Indian Gardens is about the half-way point from the bottom to the top going up via Bright Angel Trail. This is one of those trips that will live in my memory for a life-time! And NO feet problems during the trip (hooray!)

Thanks for all you have taught me Barb!  Lessons I will continue to use over and over again!  What a gift you have... thanks for sharing it with me!

--Susan Thaxton, Marketing manager

"Last night was the sing-along Messiah, and it was great to go and sing in full voice for the first time since 1978 when I was in a chorus that sang it multiple times. I’ve always lost my voice due to stress, illness, and most of all, bad posture. The director kept telling everyone to get our heads out of the music and look up, way up, and he was raising his chin. He is right to tell us to not bury ourselves in the music, but knew from Alexander Technique that raising your chin up would be a big mistake for air flow and the vocal chords.  Being able to sing this music and not lose my voice fills me with gratitude for our lessons. I’ve learned so much from you!"

—Pam Sachs, Teacher, Musician